A new star is born

Thomas (Tom) Chang participated at the Pori Classic Powerlifting games now on April 9th. Tom is a new member of Ydinvoima and made his first appearance in Finland already last year by competing at the Classic Bench Finnish Championships. He then achieved bronze for RAYVO.

Tom has earlier competed at powerlifting since 2015 in UK, Denmark, Belarus and Dubai both in equipped and classic and as a citizen of UK. The three last years he has, however, not competed in powerlifting because he has actively been building the OL3 nuclear plant for us Finns. Earlier he had studied physics and nuclear engineering at university and was working at Olkiluoto mostly on physical testing and on plant management and coordination.

Tom seems to be a natural talent at powerlifting. This time at Pori he made a result of 220-150-260 = 630 kg while his own weight was a bit over 73 kg. He made altogether 92.72 points which is the third highest achievement in Finland in his weight class this year (only 2 points less than the second man). All his lifts succeeded 3-0, only the third pressing stopped a few centimeters before the top. His lifts were a joy to the eye. We seldom see such technical skills at heavy loads. The audience at Pori also noticed that and gave him powerful cheers and applauses. He was clearly the best lifter in points.  

We warmly welcome Tom as a new Ydinvoima member.